Lack of water is often reflected in tiredness and lack of concentration. Therefore, it is crucial to consciously ensure adequate water intake to ensure optimal physical and mental health. Water is an essential component of our body and plays a central role in many vital functions. It activates detoxification, transports minerals and trace elements, eliminates breakdown products, promotes energy metabolism and regulates body temperature. Along with oxygen, water is actually the most important element for maintaining our body's vital functions. 


Therefore, adequate water intake is crucial for health and well-being. To maintain our metabolism, the body draws water from the blood. If there is insufficient fluid intake, it becomes increasingly more strenuous for the heart to pump blood through the veins that has become thickened due to a lack of water. People who consistently drink too little are therefore exposing themselves to serious health risks. This can promote the formation of kidney stones or thrombosis and lead to serious illnesses. It once again underlines the crucial importance of adequate water intake for the proper functioning of the body and the prevention of potentially serious complications.


The recommendation to drink at least 2 liters of water per day is generally accepted. It is also recommended to consume about 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. Especially during sporting activities or in hot weather conditions, it is important to drink additional water to the recommended amount to meet the body's fluid needs. In Europe, especially in our latitudes, the availability of water is usually not a problem. However, there is often a challenge regarding the quality of the water consumed. It is pointed out that although people drink enough water, they may be consuming the wrong water or too little pure water. 


The conscious selection of high-quality and pure water is therefore just as important as the quantity in order to achieve the optimal health effect. We, at Waterhouse24, have made it our goal to treat tap water so carefully that it can regain the character of spring water. Enjoy water in its most natural form!