The water filters available on the market for treatment do not in any way meet our high standards, which combine pure, natural quality with the protection of our resources. An innovative collaboration is created with a renowned German company in the field of wastewater technology. Together we are implementing a drinking water filter concept that, on the one hand, meets our high standards and, on the other hand, also focuses on the protection and preservation of our natural resources. Responsible water treatment in harmony with nature was and is still reflected in everything we do today.

After 2 years of development, our drinking water treatment system CASCADA WHITE was born and has carried the essence of our philosophy ever since. To this day, our CASCADA drinking water systems embody our vision of providing drinking water in pure purity - processed close to nature, healthy without residue and individually energized for every household.

We are expanding our sales channel to include an online shop, wasserhaus24, which is successfully launched and thus provides access to a wide audience. This underlines our mission.


is a significant year for us: our paths cross with those of Masaru Emoto. This moment proves to be a significant milestone that strengthens our conviction to continue moving forward on this path.

Masaru Emoto, a world-renowned parascientist, had dedicated his life to the fascinating world of water crystal photography. He impressively documented structural crystalline changes caused by the effects of a wide variety of resonance materials. Through his outstanding work, he succeeded in visually bringing people closer to what the human mind had not been able to fully grasp up to that point.

His insights still flow into our work today

2016 to 2022

We are expanding our range with innovative products that meaningfully underline our concept. Our wasserhaus24 is receiving a complete “outfit upgrade” to offer our customers an even more appealing and user-friendly shopping experience.

Since 2023

In the midst of the age of digitalization, which marks a profound change in our world, we are beginning to adapt to the challenges and raise our long-standing company, wasserhaus24, to a new level with unique products. Through comprehensive modernizations in all areas, we are ready to meet the demands of the changing times and continue our vision in this era of change.

We decide to develop further in order to adapt to digital change and the resulting global networking. The new awareness of environmental and resource protection is growing and is causing people around the world to increasingly avoid unnecessary packaging and transport routes. Drinking water plays an essential role in this context. Now more than ever, it is modern and “in” to prepare your own drinking water at home.

And that's exactly the path we're taking. We plan and develop our “new” company for months.

For 18 years we have been extremely successful - with strong commitment - serving primarily the German-speaking region. Now the time has come for us to grow into the international market.

We are very proud to be opening our high-quality range of unique drinking water filters and many products related to the topic of “water” to the global market from 2024.

With the aim of growing internationally and continuously supplementing our portfolio in a meaningful way, we are also taking the step of giving our company a new name: WATERHOUSE24

A big and exciting phase for us. We are very excited and looking forward to the many opportunities that lie ahead!

But take a look for yourself and discover what WATERHOUSE24 has in store for you: